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Organ sourcing in China: The official version (Revised remarks prepared for a symposium, Bern, Switzerland, 16 April, 2015)

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Chinese health officials over the years have made a wide variety of contradictory statements about the sourcing of organs for transplants. The statements can not all be right. But they can all be wrong, and, in my view, are all wrong. 

I could spend a very long time going through the many contradictory statements emanating out of the Chinese health system, pointing out the contradictions and incoherence.  To be comprehensive on this subject would exhaust my time and your patience.  So let me just give you some idea of what has been happening.

Download PDF: SPEECH_MATAS_2015.04.16

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Quelle: 1. Int. Expertenforum Transplantation und Menschenrechte der IGFM in Bern

16. April 2015

David Matas

1. Int. Forum: Reden der Referenten, english

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