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Organ and Tissue Trafficking: the Position of Swisstransplant

PD Dr. med. Franz Immer, CEO Swisstransplant, hält seine Rede am 1. Internationalen Expertenforum Transplantation und Menschenrechte in Bern


1. Organ trafficking is an illegal practice often undertaken by mafia-like networks that remove tissues or organs from living or deceased persons. This trafficking is often at the expense of poor people or occurs in under-developed countries.

2. In 2012, 68’073 people were waiting for a kidney transplant in Europe. Each day, 12 people on a transplant waitinglist die because of the lack of available organs (Newsletter Transplant 2013, EDQM).

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Quelle: 1. Int. Expertenforum Transplantation und Menschenrechte der IGFM in Bern

16. April 2015

PD Dr. med. Franz Immer, CEO Swisstransplant

1. Int. Forum: Reden der Referenten, english

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