Dr. Enver Tohti reveals reality of organ harvesting in China

Dr. Enver Tohti reveals reality of organ harvesting in China

A Chinese doctor Dr. Enver Tohti, who performed an organ harvesting operation in the 1990s was among the panel of experts who gave evidence at a Dáil committee. The Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Defence heard evidence from experts including David Matas and Ethan Gutmann, who have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their work investigating organ harvesting in China.

They made a series of recommendations at committee today, including to urge the government to ban ‘organ tourism’ – where citizens travel abroad to receive an organ transplant. Such bans are already in place in Israel, Taiwan, Italy and Spain. He said that these countries did so out of a sense of “integrity, a highly-developed sense of tragedy, a historical wisdom to know that the big players, [such as] the US the UK, may not interfere in a world tragedy.”

“If you’re going to act, this is the critical moment, this is the critical time,” Gutmann told the committee.

The committee also heard strong evidence from Dr Enver Tohti, who gave an account of how he was led to perform organ harvesting on a civilian in China.

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8. Juli 2017


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